How to put on Weight safely

AccordionThe individual who is making a concerted effort to put on weight safely has to devise and carryout an adequate weight gain program. The heavy intake of non-healthy foods will more than likely cause one to put on weight though of an undesirable kind unlike the lean muscle and firm body that most people desire.

Calorie Monitoring

Gaining weight calls for the consumption of more calories than what your body needs. Not knowing what daily calories you are presently consuming would prevent you from deciphering the amount of calories needed to achieve success in gaining weight. On coming up with the correct figures, you would want to boost your calorie intake by 400 for instance while exercising or performing resistant training. And incidentally you must monitor your progress. If success is not forthcoming when integrated with the workouts, you would do good to increase your caloric ingestion by a further 400 calories, and then reassess.

Consume healthy foods and trace what you eat

Many persons find it helpful to register what they are eating and check how much physical activity they perform. This will give you a better idea of any adjustments you need to make. We must emphasise that gaining weight doesn’t necessarily entail going out and consuming unhealthy foods. Ensure that your meals are well balanced. Carbohydrates like pasta, bread, and potatoes should compose approximately one third of your diet. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables over a considerable period if possible. Protein can be obtained from consuming lean meat, chicken breast, eggs, fish, nuts and seeds. Try eating 3 servings of dairy or soy drink products daily. Some fat and sugar-based foods can constitute a small part of your diet; avocadoes and chocolate are everybody’s favourite choice.

The Importance of doing exercise

Weight lifting and/or resistance training are excellent ways to assist you to put on weight safely with the added benefit of toning your muscles and building strength. You must be cautious though to continue packing on extra calories to sustain a growth. Resistance training can be complemented with walking or swimming as an aerobic activity.
Establishing a reasonable weight goal is crucial in any effort to put on weight safely – in the same way as it is to lose weight. Moreover, a systematic approach is necessary especially when dealing with exercise training and healthy dieting.

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