Keeping Healthy This Winter

SnowboardAs the leaves fall from the trees and temperatures drop, it’s important to think about keeping healthy during winter. There are a number of steps you can take to reduce the risk of colds, flu and other infections, and to keep you feeling fit and healthy throughout the long winter months.

Dress Warmly as Days Get Chilly

Dressing more warmly than you normally would help immensely with keeping healthy during winter. Artificial heat when it’s too high can actually lower resistance to colds and flu, so keep things warm but not stifling, add a cardigan and some warm socks or slippers rather than turning up the thermostat. For outdoor wear, it’s important to bear in mind that most heat is lost through the head and at wrists and ankles. Wear good socks and boots or shoes, making sure that you don’t leave your ankles exposed, and wear gloves when necessary. Dress in several light layers rather than one heavy sweater. This way you can add or take away a garment to keep you warm but not too hot. A cosy jacket or coat is essential and it’s good to keep your neck and chest covered with a scarf if you’re susceptible to flu or chest infections, it also helps to maintain your core temperature. A hat or hood is great at keeping your head warm, and do try to stay dry.

Eat Well and Take Extra Precautions

A good balanced diet is essential at all times, but even more so when it comes to keeping healthy during winter. Make sure you start the day with a good breakfast; this will enhance your immune system and keep you well. Porridge is perfect as oats release energy slowly; eggs and toast are also good. Add orange juice or half a grapefruit for Vitamin C, perfect as protection against colds. Try not to skip meals and keep them light, balanced and nutritious. Echinacea is a supplement worth taking to ward off colds and flu thought it needs to be taken regularly, and if you’re offered the flu jab, do take it, particularly if you’re elderly or fall into an at risk group. Your GP will be able to advise you of this.
Making a few simple changes and employing a lot of common sense goes very far when it comes to keeping healthy during winter.

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