Simple Exercise Regimes to Keep Your Body Active

Running womanKeeping active with simple exercise regimes is one of the best steps we can take to protect ourselves from infections and to delay some of the disabilities associated with aging, such as brittle bones or lack of muscle definition.

Simple Exercise to Do Anywhere

Whatever your age, or fitness level, you can benefit greatly from exercise regimes which are easy to do anywhere. The best results will always be achieved if you exercise regularly, but this doesn’t need to mean investing in expensive equipment or gym membership. You can do these easy exercises at home, and they’re the same ones that hospitals advise patients to try for all round health and fitness. Get a normal dining chair. Sit and stand without using your hands to push off. Try to keep your back as straight as possible and do as many as you can. Build on this each time. Wall push-ups are good too. Stand with your feet slightly apart and an arm’s length away from the wall. Put your hands at shoulder height flat on the wall and push forward till you bend your elbows. Try to use your body to push back and forth instead of your arms.

More Simple but Effective Moves

Knee bends are great for strengthening leg muscles. Feet slightly apart again, bend your knees slowly to lower your body. Try to keep your back straight, stomach in and buttocks clenched. This all helps with core strength too, and try to breathe evenly. Step ups are a good leg exercise too. Use a pile of heavy books if you don’t have a step. Step up and down, alternating legs you push off from. Follow this with high knees, where you simply step while lifting your knees as high as you can. These simple exercises are more effective when done slowly and steadily. Really let yourself feel your muscles work. Get a couple of cans of soup or whatever you have in the cupboard. Hold in your hands, palms up. Slowly bend your arm up towards your shoulder. Do arm curls alternatively or at the same time, whatever you’re comfortable with. You can keep a record of how breathless each set of exercises leaves you, known as the Borg breathlessness scale; this allows you to see how much you progress. There are some great exercise dvd’s available too and they’re great for when you become a little more advanced.

Aerobic exercise is ideal for cardiovascular health and many classes have simple exercise regimes suitable for beginners. If you don’t like to exercise alone, or when you feel yourself become fitter, this is also a great option.

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